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Mister Bradley performing this Saturday & Sunday at Houston’s Children Museum

I hope your Thanksgiving was fantastic!

And I want to spread the word: Mister Bradley will be performing at the Houston Children’s Museum this Saturday and Sunday in the auditorium. 3:00pm on both days. Come on out! And make musical merriment with us!

Details here:’s-musical-jam-childrens-museum




The Weeks of June 16th and June 23rd.

Opus One Music bbb

Summer Time is here!

The kid’s have had the opportunity to strum my red Fender Stratocaster.  And we also got to hear everyone sing hello into the microphone and amp.   It’s always a strange thing to hear your own voice amplified or on a recording for the first time and I love to see the look in a child’s eyes when they bravely express themselves into the mic!


We also talked about The Blues and made up songs about things that are sad but we felt happy again when we got to turn them into music. (that’s my age-appropriate working definition of the Blues  ;)

We also enjoyed demonstrations with the dulcimer and learned about the parts (head, neck, body, sound holes, frets, tuners) and children had the opportunity to take turns articulating the differences they saw between the acoustic guitar and the dulcimer.    The guitar is a big “peanut” shape and the dulcimer is an “almond” shape.  The dulcimer’s neck is right on top of the body but a guitars neck extends above and beyond the body, etc.


We also enjoyed using the dulcimer to accompany Ol’ Susanna, The Bear Went Over The Mountain, and Mary Had a Little Lamb.


Thanks for taking an interested in your child’s music education and, as always, thank you for choosing Opus One!



Opus One Music, The Week of December 9th, 2013

Opus One Music bbb
The Week of Dec 9

Greetings Rockstars! This week took our musical trip down south to Mexico and learned about Mariachis. We sang learned how to say “Merry Christmas” in Spanish and learned to sing Feliz Navidad. I also brought a huge sombrero and we talked about how important it is to cover you body if you’re out somewhere where the sun is hot all day long. We also sang Pollito Chicken, La Bamba, and a rhythm game called Bate Bate Chocolate.

Vicente Fernandez

Vicente Fernandez

Also, if you haven’t enrolled yet for next session, NOW IS THE TIME! If you do it before Friday 20th, you get a free OPUS ONE CD and a FREE T-SHIRT. So register HERE!

Opus One Music, The Week of December 2, 2013

Opus One Music bbb

The Week of Dec 2

Greeting Rockstars! This week we took a pretend musical trip to Italy and sang I am a Pizza, The Ravioli Song, and, one of my favorites, On Top of Spaghetti, which was accompanied with a very cool pop-up book. We also got to talk about our favorite things to put on a pizza and we all agreed that chocolate on pizza would be “ewwwwww”.

The Concertina was demonstrated again and we had more fun with holiday songs. We also danced to Jingle Bell Rock and Pepe the Puppet taught us being different is what makes us special. Rudolph most certainly is a good example of this. ;)  Below is my favorite version of his song sung by Burl Ives.