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Mister Bradley performing this Saturday & Sunday at Houston’s Children Museum

I hope your Thanksgiving was fantastic!

And I want to spread the word: Mister Bradley will be performing at the Houston Children’s Museum this Saturday and Sunday in the auditorium. 3:00pm on both days. Come on out! And make musical merriment with us!

Details here:’s-musical-jam-childrens-museum




Rock n Roll Week

Opus One Music bbb


The Week of September 9, 2013

Hello, Rock Stars!

.This week in class was “Rock n Roll” week! And here are some of things we did together.

  • We sang “The Name Game” with each child’s name (Shirly, Shirly, bo burly, Fananna Fanna… etc)
  • We sang “Walkin’ on Sunshine” by Katrina & the Waves
  • We sang “I Love Rock n Roll” (a G-Rated version ;))
  • We passed around the drum tambourine and took turns playing it with percussion brushes. I also played some jazz beats on the drum while we chanted words to different songs like Row Row Row Your Boat and ABC’s, etc. and passed around a drum tambourine.
  • We danced to “La Bamba!”

And, I couldn’t help it, I taught them how to say “I Love Rock n Roll” in sign language…. which, of course, is the same as a regular ol’ “I love you” gesture in sign language, but just held high while your head bobs.


Mister Bradley

P.S. Because of Labor Day, The Cathedral school had “Whale” Week this week.

P.P.S. Also, take note that this curriculum is based on a 30-minute class structure. Not all schools are structured the same way; some schools may accommodate an abridged version of the curriculum.

Mister Bradley in Houston!

Hey friends,

Laura and I have made the move to Houston!  I’ll be working with an excellent business called “Opus One” which services numerous private pre-schools with a roster of very talented teaching artists.  I’ve joined a team!

So, if you know of anyone in Houston that needs the perfect kids entertainment for a birthday party or family event, lemme know!   If they mention the word “sunshine” they get a special discount.

I also have another phone number. It is 512-412-1117

Little Yoga House Grand Opening, This Saturday, September 8th!

Check out the best new place for kids north of Caesar Chavez! THE LITTLE YOGA HOUSE.

I’ll be playing music at their grand opening event tomorrow at 1:00pm


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We are so excited to open our doors this week! Come celebrate this weekend with us at our grand opening party.


10:00 Family Yoga (with children ages 0-5)

12:00 Family Yoga (with children ages 6+)

1:00 Kid’s Musical Jam with Mr. Bradley

1:00-2:00 Open House

6:00 Party – live music, food, drinks!

Bring the whole family! Tell your friends!

We look forward to celebrating with you all!

Peace & Love

abby + an

Mister Bradley’s Musical Jam! Disc Art

Discmakers, the country’s premiere site for CD and DVD manufacturing, uses Mister Bradley’s Musical Jam! disc face to advertise their bulk disc package! Check it out!

Mister Bradley’s Facebook page

Hi Friends,

I’m on Facebook now. On the left side of the page, there a link for the Mister Bradley’s Musical Jam! Facebook page. Show us some love and click on it!