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Opus One, The Week of October 7

Opus One Music bbb

Greetings, Rockstars!

Last week’s classes centered around the basic principle of “Shakin’ Your Sillies Out”!  We enjoyed a story about a forest of animals that could not get to sleep and had shake out their sillies, clap out their crazies, and jump out their jiggles.   I embellished and expanded the classic song (with book) by Raffi into an interactive story-telling adventure that included meeting 5 pumpkins in the forest; a family that had to learn to be not too soft, not too loud, but juuuust right, to make good music; Little Boy Blue, who should’ve been looking after the sheep instead of sleeping; as well as a warning to not eat sugar before you go to bed!

We danced and sang to The Wiggles Twist, Rockin’ Robin.   Students are encouraged to practice control and to keep their hands to themselves so no one gets hurt while dancing.

The kids were also introduced to one of my favorite instruments.  A Viola Bass Guitar (made famous by Paul McCartney, sometimes called “The Beatle Bass”).  We learn the difference between a Bass guitar and a regular Acoustic Guitar.   We also took turns plucking the different strings… which can be tricky for some, so learned the difference between plucking and strumming. VS_Splash

And finally, a video of a performance of  Yellow Submarine is below.  It is NEVER to early to get kids hooked on THE BEATLES!  ;)

As always, Thank You for taking an interest in your child’s musical development!